Zombie Gun Strategy

Zombie Gunship is one of the hottest games for handheld devices, giving you the chance to obliterate hordes of zombies while being in an AC-130 aircraft. Learning how to kill zombies to become a pro in doing it in this game is very easy as long as you make use of a few simple tips and tricks. Zombie Gunship has three levels: all of which you need to rescue humans and kill zombies before they reach the bunker. If you are already playing this game, then you know that the zombies will never stop coming and will only keep pushing through until you have killed enough humans to abort the mission or if one of the enemies has gotten in the bunker.

During the first few runs of the game, you will have to bear with the basic weapon in your arsenal which is a 25mm gatling gun. While it is good enough to kill zombies, the weapon does overheat. So, time your shots at the right moment and avoid just spreading ammunition where it is not needed. As much as possible, opt for the “one blast, one kill” motto to avoid overheating the gun. When you get enough money from playing the game, upgrade your gun at all times as part of your Zombie Gunship strategy. This makes it effective in spreading damage as well as having a faster cool down time from overheating. Except for a few strays here and there, zombies come in hordes and more often than not in a straight line. When you find one coming to your bunker, target the end of the line and shoot your gun for maximum kills.

Moving on to the next strategy in using weapons, the 40mm Bofors gun and 105mm Howitzer provide area damage and bigger zombie kills, with the latter being the most damaging of the two. Upgrade them as often as you can to provide faster reloading of ammunition as well as being able to give larger area damage. These weapons are exceptionally useful against those slow-moving big monsters that are very hard to kill. To be able to kill effectively, another strategy that you might find useful is to upgrade your zombie bounty in the game. By doing so, you will get more money per zombie you kill and that gives you the upper hand in being able to get a lot more upgrades for weapons.

Finally, even if you have all the upgrades to your weapons, anticipating waves of attacks should be your ultimate Zombie Gunship strategy. At the same time, always look out for innocent people that come in your radar as white blips. Unleash hell only if you are sure that there are no humans in the path or a kill of 3 will abort the mission. At the same time, try to scan for zombies as far away from the bunker as possible and eliminate them fast. Do not wait until they are all converging near the path to the bunker as this makes it very difficult to kill them all at the same time.